Featured Speaker: Jim Stroker

Both inspiring and informative, Coach Jim Stroker brings a range of expertise and insights to every event we host. Learn more about Jim below.

Native Nation Events Onsite & Live Training

With over 13 years of experience in the Native American Marketplace, Native Nation Events is a premier training and consultative organization that provides practice solutions for tribal-specific leadership, management, government and organizational challenges. Our programs offer hands-on Training and resources for developing people and productivity to meet the needs of your tribe or organization.

Custom Solutions Include:
CUSTOM EVENTS: Live, in-person seminars, executive roundtables, and road shows provide you with the opportunity to build individualized marketing programs targeting a specific audience or highlighting an innovative service. These events are more efficient than sales calls. They provide you with the opportunity to deliver more in-depth product and service information. You will have access to an expert team to produce meetings and conferences based on your needs and allow you more focused selling time.

WEB SEMINARS: Native Nation Events Web Seminars create a forum for the sponsor to communicate with a prime audience and receive feedback in real-time. These one-hour sessions include 45 minutes of a slide presentation and a 15-minute Q&A session with the audience. The technology also supports a real time polling capability through which presenters can poll the audience on priorities, needs and challenges. To further enhance the ROI of sponsoring a Native Nation Events Web Seminar, the archived event is hosted for six months on the Native Nation Events website. The audience of a Web Seminar can range from a small group of pre-selected prospects to a large industry-wide event.