MaxorPlus’ 340B Solution for Native American Indian Tribes

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Looking for new ways to control spiraling pharmacy benefit costs? MaxorPlus offers its clients customized solutions that manage trend, maximize savings opportunities available through comprehensive 340B programs, and effectively use technology to increase member engagement.

In addition to the services you expect from a national PBM, MaxorPlus offers first class customer service to its members, clients, and providers; customizable clinical programs; and formularies that can be customized to maximize your 340B savings opportunity.

MaxorPlus’ 340B Solution for Native American Indian Tribes:

With MaxorPlus, most Native American Indian Tribes can save up to 50% on pharmacy benefits for their employees and tribal members by incorporating 340B pricing into their PBM program. In fact, tribes with 1,000 members have seen savings over $650k in one year!

MaxorPlus is a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) with an integrated national 340B services provider. We can create a unique plan design into your PBM to help you create more qualified 340B patients and maximize your 340B advantage. You may even qualify for no cost 340B services to further reduce your costs associated with 340B administration. If you do not have a qualified 340B health center on site or owned by your tribe, we can assist by creating a shared savings arrangement with the nearest qualified 340B health center.

For your tribal members where your tribe acts as the payer of last resort, we can offer pharmacy cards to automate your portion of the payments, provide significant discounts, and increase access to pharmacies. With our coordination of benefits capabilities, any tribal member with primary insurance outside of the tribe will be required to use that benefit first before your pharmacy card is accepted. This helps mitigate your costs and automate the entire process for less administrative burden.

If you would like to receive a no cost, no obligation audit to see how much your tribe stands to save with our program, contact Michele Russell at (916) 865-7559 or

MaxorPlus will be attending the HR conference on January 27-29 in Rancho Mirage, CA. To learn more about our 340B solutions, our member engagement platform, and our ability to tailor your pharmacy program to meet your needs, control costs, and improve member outcomes, stop by our booth to speak to an associate who will be happy to speak to you!

MaxorPlus is a national pharmacy benefit management company with an integrated full-service service 340B administration platform. We specialize in creating unique drug programs for Native American Indian Tribes, hospitals, and health centers across the country to provide a consolidated PBM and 340B program.

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