Fat Tuesday


In the early 1980’s, David Briggs, Jr., as an alternate career, began studying the restaurant and bar business.  Briggs quickly noted the dislike the bars and restaurants had for preparing frozen drinks.  They categorized them as “something they had to have.”  They grudgingly served these beverages because the complicated drinks slowed them down.  Also, while customers wanted frozen drinks, the operators were not marketing them properly.  Drinks that were available were of inferior quality, limited selection and premium priced.  Everything was missing – selection, service, quality and value.



In recognizing the trend towards lighter liquors and the perception of preparing frozen drinks as troublesome by servers, Briggs founded New Orleans Original Daiquiris in Hammond, Louisiana on January 1, 1983.  From that location, Briggs and his staff experimented with different flavors by offering samples to unsuspecting tourists in one of the most critical drinking markets in the world – Bourbon Street, New Orleans.



Fat Tuesday, New Orleans Original Daiquiris’ sister concept, originated in 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia and has grown into an international phenomenon with retail units in twelve states.  There are now numerous Fat Tuesday locations in such varied markets as Key West, Orlando, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, and Miami. Thus proving that the concept is marketable in all types of environments and has few demographic and geographic boundaries.  The Fat Tuesday brand has moved into international locations such as in Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico The Bahamas and more.



The popularity of Fat Tuesday’s frozen drinks has enabled Briggs to create an exciting wholesale division.  This division has taken the line of proprietary products – the foundation of its retail success – and created the “Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Program.”  This program allowed many operations such as stadiums, cruise lines, resorts, national chain accounts and even pubs in England to serve delicious frozen drinks made with Fat Tuesday Premium Mixes to their customers.



As history has shown, the forward thinking mentality of Mr. Briggs laid a foundation of success for its company owned retail locations.  That success then helped create widespread demand for the Proprietary Frozen Drink products being served, which now sit at the top of that beverage category.  Many of the franchise inquiry calls that come in to the corporate office are from people wanting to recapture a fond memory or experience and bring it to their hometown or region.  The positive reputation and success of the Fat Tuesday and New Orleans Original concepts has also led to a steady flow of global inquiries expressing their desire become part of the family.  With the company successfully operating for 35+ years and the unwavering loyalty of the public, the company made the decision to offer Franchising in 2018.  We look forward to welcoming new franchisees, from around the globe.

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