Harbor Retail

Harbor Retail, known for the design + build of retail experiences and fixturing for big-box retailers, major brands and c-stores has a dedicated task force & new product lines to advance the response of Covid-19 and to help advance rapid, economic recovery post crisis.

Leveraging it’s U.S. based design-engineering team and manufacturing plants, Harbor is developing and producing Covid-19 response products for pop-up medical treatment centers/hospitals, pharmacies, grocery, c-stores, fast casual, retail chains, municipalities and more.

In addition to the Covid-19 response products and services, Harbor is working with national and regional retailers and other industry sectors like transportation, hospitality, gaming, entertainment and health and wellness to adapt & develop new solutions to encourage confidence from customers and clients post crisis, to spur positive economic activity.

“We are anticipating a psychological-transition period after the peak of this crisis. Americans will be trepidatious to return to routines like in-store shopping & ride sharing. Special moments like major sporting and entertainment events will also see a slow adoption due to their large gathering set-up. Harbor is working on these industry sectors to create reassurance models & products to aid confidence and trust levels in individuals in their post Covid transition–Our goals are to help businesses, brands and cities increase individuals peace of mind around sanitation, contact and visit frequency.”
Walter Miranda, president, Harbor Retail

Harbor conducts independent research and analysis to provide actionable insights and operationally-sound solutions to our retail client base. These insights also carry over into other industry sectors like fast-casual, entertainment, transportation, hospitality, wellness and more.

Specializing in custom design and reliable, integrated technology solutions Harbor produces and perfects experiences that can aid in consumer “re-entry” confidence post Covid-19 crisis. Experiences like: touchless product demonstrations through voice activation, frictionless transactions and automated in-store customer service experiences, are in high demand.

Harbor has an advantage most manufacturing companies do not. We have dedicated, expert teams focused on research, insights and strategy. So, before our design and engineering teams begin to ideate, we have data informed models to ensure our direction is sound–from both a consumer adaptation and innovation lens.

R&D labs & rapid prototyping teams are in constant use as we test, build and scale out solutions with and without integrated technology.
“We push our findings forward quickly and collaborate with our clients to develop adaptations or new solutions as we help to increase consumer confidence, during and post Covid-19 crisis. Helping American’s return, as closely, to their old routines and comforts as possible is critical to spur industry and economic recovery…as well as to help propel a happy and healthy nation.”
Lou Thurmon, vp of marketing, Harbor Retail

For more information on how we approach individual or custom needs, or to discuss your specific need, contact us today. From calls to virtual workshops, we can help propel current initiatives or help unite all internal stakeholders on the common goals, approaches, metrics and more planning into activation.


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