Breakthrough Casino Hotel Technology Significantly Reduces Smoking & Increases Revenue

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A 400-room casino hotel had a problem with guests smoking in its no-smoking rooms. The front desk frequently received complaints about the smells of cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke. In response, a security officer would walk the area or floor in question, trying to discover the source of the smoke. From the hallways though, it was very difficult definitively identifying the smokers’ rooms.


Even when security personnel were able to determine where someone was smoking, the property rarely had conclusive proof. Consequently, charging guests the cleaning fee for violating the no-smoking policy was often unsuccessful. Many times, when confronted with the fee, guests would contest it with their credit card company, resulting in a chargeback for the casino hotel. The lack of data and evidence was costly and frustrating.

Searching for a solution, the property found FreshAir Sensor, the only technology available to monitor for and detect tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke in real time. Using FreshAir, casino hotels quickly stop unauthorized smoking and collect ALL cleaning fees by eliminating 100% of chargebacks. They also reduce cleaning costs, property damage, and negative guest reviews. The devices are quick and easy to install, secure into outlets with tamper-proof screws, and constantly monitor rooms over Wi-Fi using very low amounts of data.


When someone starts smoking in a guest room, the property’s staff in various departments receive an alert to their email inboxes and cell phones notifying them of the exact location and time of the incident. From there, the casino hotel has the flexibility to deal with the offender in whatever way they find most appropriate.


In addition to the alert, FreshAir Sensor also creates a timestamped chart of the smoking event, providing scientific proof that smoking took place. These charts are logged on the property’s web portal and can be accessed as needed from a computer or cell phone. They serve as scientific proof for credit card companies of smoking activity in monitored spaces. FreshAir has a 100% success rate supporting hotels with contested charges for smoking fees.

This short video highlights how FreshAir Sensor’s unique technology solves a variety of smoking-related challenges for casino hotels:

Initially, the property tried a 30-room pilot program with FreshAir Sensor. It was immediately clear that the devices were effectively catching smokers and helping win all chargebacks, so the property went to a full implementation in all 400 rooms. In an extra effort to reduce violations in no-smoking rooms, they also increased their cleaning fee to $500. At check in, the hotel informed guests about their monitoring technology and higher cleaning fee to further enforce

their policy.


In one case, after receiving a smoking alert, the casino hotel security immediately went to the identified room, confronted the guests, and verified the smoking incident. Before the guests had even unpacked their bags, the property charged the cleaning fee and had them vacate the premise. The room was then quickly cleaned and booked for another guest within an hour. That night, the hotel was able to collect two bookings for the same exact room, as well as the $500 cleaning fee! If the original guests had continued to smoke during the course of that night, the room would have been damaged and could have been taken out of inventory for days due to costly, extensive cleaning. Nearby guests could have also been displeased and disturbed by the smoking, lowering their satisfaction and raising the risk of them leaving negative, public reviews about their experiences.


Within six months of implementing FreshAir Sensor, the casino hotel substantially decreased smoking damages, costs, and complaints from guests. Even with this reduction, the hotel is still catching 40-50 smoking violations per month, adding over $20,000 in monthly additional revenue, as noted by their Director of Facilities:


“It was not easy to collect smoking penalties before we got the FreshAir Sensor smoking detection system. We would collect deposits from guests at check in, but half the time we lost the chargeback. We have had ZERO problems with the credit card companies since we installed FreshAir in our rooms. Our market metric scores have gone up, because our complaints have gone down. FreshAir saves us time and makes us money.”

To begin fully enforcing your no-smoking policies while also better supporting your casino hotel, guests, and their public reviews, please call FreshAir Sensor at +1-603-643-7181 x2 or email

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