Clear the Air, Not the Casino Floor

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This article was written by the team at Plasma Air International, a Forum Partner at our Fifth Annual Tribal General Manager & Casino Executive Exchange.

Clean casino air keeps everyone playing

With smoking banned at most indoor concerts, sporting events, and conventions, there’s only one type of large, enclosed venue where the habit is still allowed: casinos.

But this doesn’t mean everyone who sets foot in a casino smokes — or is even tolerant of cigarette odor.

To operate a successful casino these days, you must strike a tricky balance, satisfying the demands of smokers and non-smokers alike.

Fact is, some demographic groups — millennials especially — actively avoid smoke-filled areas. On the other hand, going smoke-free to please these patrons can lower your revenue, as smokers — particularly Baby Boomers — may well take their business elsewhere.

Here’s how to keep everyone happy and on the casino floor: allow smoking but deploy cutting-edge technology to keep the air so clean that nonsmokers aren’t even bothered.

Let’s take a closer look at the trends driving the casino clean-air movement.

The next big wave of gamers, a wave just starting to crest, is the millennial generation. Compared to older gamers, they’ve grown up in less smoky environments and expect an odor-free area to socialize. Overall, millennials exercise more, eat healthier, and smoke less than previous generations. According to the CDC, cigarette smoking has dropped most sharply among 18- to 34-year-olds.

But it’s not just millennials who’ve rejected smoking.

Smoking among all adults declined from 20.9% in 2005 to 15.1% in 2015. Though smoking is more prevalent among generations older than millennials, cigarette use has declined in all demographics over the past few decades.

Of course, even with today’s low smoking rates, a big segment of the U.S. population continues to light up — more than 36 million adults, in total. Going smoke-free would no doubt force casinos to take a big financial hit.

Many casinos have attempted to solve this dilemma by pushing smoking outdoors or into designated rooms. But these approaches pose two problems: smoke can still drift into non-smoking areas, and smokers may spend less time — and money — at gambling tables. A far better solution is to improve indoor air quality by reducing the odor and other toxic effects of cigarette smoke.

Some casinos try to achieve cleaner air with scenting, but this approach only masks the problem and does not remove any of the smoke. Other technologies can generate harmful byproducts, not to mention be a major expense for casinos.

But there’s another way: Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization technology.

Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization technology offers a broader, more extensive solution than other products in the market. We don’t mask odors with perfume or use dangerous ozone treatment.  Our solution occurs in the occupied space at the source of the contaminants, maximizing effectiveness. Keeping costs low and without creating harmful byproducts, this technology eliminates 95% of cigarette smoke particulate and odorous VOCs in 60 minutes, and cuts energy usage by 30%.

How do we accomplish this? We treat the air right at the source of contamination — directly on the casino floor. After Plasma Air’s products are installed into your casino’s existing HVAC system, the technology works by pushing positively and negatively charged air ions into the casino’s gaming and other indoor areas. These air ions are safe and natural. They work by charging pollutants in the indoor air, causing them to safely oxidize, cluster together and drop out of the breathing zone. In other words, the air needn’t be forced through a constricted space to be treated, like some chemical and filtration systems require.

Here at Plasma Air, we clear the air, not the casino floor.

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