The Value of a Native Nation Custom Event / Partnering with Native Nation Events

Native Nation Events provides you with the opportunity to build specialized marketing programs around your company’s goals and objectives. We can help you create a custom event that focuses on enhancing your relationship with current and prospective customers to position your company as an industry leader. A carefully planned and managed event will enable your clients to enjoy a comfortable setting to share their business concerns with you and grow your relationship. A custom event promotes customer loyalty, builds brand and company awareness and provides a forum for connecting with a target audience. From beginning to end, Native Nation Events will facilitate prospective customers in the sales process of your event and help turn these interests into qualified sales leads.

Partnering with Native Nation Events
Native Nation Events has been a leader in producing informative conferences in Indian Country and will work with you to increase your client base and promote your professional services. With more than eight years of experience producing events in the marketplace, our highly professional team has a wealth of comprehensive resources and key industry relationships enabling us to produce content-rich and expertly executed programs.

Custom Solutions Include:
CUSTOM EVENTS: Live, in-person seminars, executive roundtables, and road shows provide you with the opportunity to build individualized marketing programs targeting a specific audience or highlighting an innovative service. These events are more efficient than sales calls. They provide you with the opportunity to deliver more in-depth product and service information. You will have access to an expert team to produce meetings and conferences based on your needs and allow you more focused selling time.

WEB SEMINARS: Native Nation Events Web Seminars create a forum for the sponsor to communicate with a prime audience and receive feedback in real-time. These one-hour sessions include 45 minutes of a slide presentation and a 15-minute Q&A session with the audience. The technology also supports a real time polling capability through which presenters can poll the audience on priorities, needs and challenges. To further enhance the ROI of sponsoring a Native Nation Events Web Seminar, the archived event is hosted for six months on the Native Nation Events website. The audience of a Web Seminar can range from a small group of pre-selected prospects to a large industry-wide event.

USER/FOCUS GROUPS: User Groups are geared towards the individual and are sales oriented to address the needs of more senior leaders/managers. These events promote networking among peers, didactic interaction and useful insights from the end users perspective. Events can range in size from 20 to over 500 leaders, members, professionals, including customers, associates, executives and partners. Events can consist of keynote presentations, educational workshops, product demonstrations, networking opportunities and interactive panel discussions on subjects that reflect the information needs of the attendees.

JOINT VENTURES/PARTNERSHIPS: Joint ventures serve the purpose of educating, strategizing and relationship building between you, your partners and your customers, capitalizing on the core strengths of each participating group. We work with sponsors to develop conference themes and content, marketing initiatives and event execution.

Custom Marketing Events
This is the perfect add-on to your custom event. Keep your content fresh and in the minds of your attendees and reach prospects unable to attend. Native Nation Events can create a dedicated, printed transcript, video or CD of your event. Native Nation Events Custom Marketing creates targeted programs that help you build deeper and more profitable relationships with your customers. Use the resources and database of Native Nation Events for your message and campaign plus a rich, unmatched portfolio of customized solutions.

Services Include:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Consultation
  • Industry-specific
  • Recommendations
  • Project management
  • Market research
  • Writing and editing
  • Creative services and design
  • Production
  • Online surveys and custom research
  • White papers
  • Supplements
  • Custom publications
  • Advertising
  • Conference Dailies
  • E-books
  • Case studies
  • Lead generation programs
  • Thought leadership programs
  • Web development and micro-sites

Why Custom Events are Your Only Solution

  1. Greater resources available at lower costs than producing event in-house
  2. Experienced team to manage event logistics and operations
  3. Opportunity to interact with customers gaining insight into their business needs
  4. Widespread marketing effort to maximize attendance
  5. Networking between product users and strategic managers
  6. Access to over 40,000 top-quality names

Native Nation Events is the premier provider of essential, timely information for the banking, financial services, capital markets, accounting, insurance, employee benefits, design, engineering, construction, energy and other management areas within Native America. With databases of over 40,000 potential customers Native Nation Events can reach your target audience. Some of our Tribal Leaders and Tribal employee titles include:

Vice Chair
Council Member
Attorney General
Tribal Administrator
Natural Resource Director

General Manager
Finance Director
Executive Director
Site Manager
Advertising/PR Director
Marketing Director
Human Resources
Hotel Director
Entertainment Director
Gaming Commission

Member at Large
Chief Planning
Development Officer
Economic Development Director
Public Relations Director
Project Manager
Grants Director
Director of Planning/Construction
Housing Director
Renewable Energy Planner