National Native American Leadership Forum – Las Vegas

December 7th – 8th, 2015

MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV


Native Nation Events’ Leadership Solutions Group presents the National Native American Leadership Forum at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, a two-day event on December 7th – 8th, 2015.

Our previous Leadership Forums (National & Regional) have been very successful. The Agenda for this 2-day forum will address the next phase of issues, discussions and ideas for your tribes. At this Leadership Forum you will:

  • Understand the art and science of Leadership
  • Learn how to use communication and relationship-building to navigate Tribal politics that leads to a positive outcome
  • Find a management strategy that helps you work smarter, not harder
  • Increase your interpersonal intelligence capacity by engaging in interactive and relevant simulations
  • Receive real time feedback from reliable and valid assessments and their application
Hotel & Venue

Hotel Information

MGM Grand

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Looking for a Native Nation Events' prefered Travel Provider? Should you need assistance with your travel arrangements (flight, hotel, auto or additional excursions), please contact: THERESA PENSAK Ridge Travel 3 Lyons Mall Basking Ridge, NJ Phone: 908-953-0700 Email:
Who's Attended

“Fast paced. Excellent. Started on time and got through material. Perfect.”
– Brenda Bowie, Job Developer/Tribal Council, Bear River Band


“The training kept us stimulated about our visions, gave us ideas to use in our work environment.”
– Mary Bussing, Board of Directors, Riverside San Bernardino Indian Health


“I feel it will help me be a more effective tribal leader. I think it would be beneficial to have my entire Tribal Council attend this training.”
– Sunny Clear, Vice Chairwoman, Snoqualmie Tribe


“Enjoyed this training. Looking forward to future trainings.”
– Clara Galindo, Board of Directors, Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health


“Very interesting! Engaging the group’s involvement is very, very good.”
– Carrie Mees, Council Member, Hualapai


“Good concepts and love the interaction!”
– John McGinnis, General Manager/Council Member, Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria


“It’s always good to meet other Native tribes. All the information provided is very good. Helps us with our Mission Statement and why we are Board Members in our area. Thank you for all the info. that was given.”
– Joyce Moore, Board Member, Sage Memorial Hospital/Navajo


“Interactive, fun and informative. I appreciated how trainer did homework prior to the training.”
– Cindi Petrusha, Executive Secretary, Bear River Band


“I appreciate the interest taken in me as an individual, and the willingness to gear the training to my needs.”
– Laurie A. Thomas, Director of Housing, Gila River Indian Community


“Insightful, informative, fun.”
– Madison Thomas, Manager, Executive Operations, Housing Authority – Cherokee


“I enjoyed the seminar. Most important thing I learned about myself as a leader is that I never thought of myself in that role, but I have a definite leadership style, depending on the situation and people I am dealing with.”
– Arlys Stillday, Director of Finance, Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians


“I liked the different activities and how they relate to my organization.”
– Alisa M. Burley, Tribal Secretary, Snoqualmie Indian Tribe


“New set of skills. Emotional Intelligence is new – never thought of it that way.”
– Tommy Carlos, Vice Chairman, Gu-Achi District of the Tohono O’odham Nation


“Very nice and well organized.”
– Tony Ward, Tribal Council Member, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


“The conference made me see a different side of management – how to possibly work better and keep an open mind.”
– Annette Chihuahua, Board Member, RSBCIHI


“This was my first but I was satisfied. It was fun and informative on subject.”
– Peggy Christman, Tule River Indian Reservation


“This was a good refresher for job related activities recognizing potential of individuals.”
– Randolph Clark, Director/Council Member, Hualapai


“It was a very good training and I’ve learned a lot.”
– Shelton Crozier, Council Member, Hualapai Tribe


“Friendly, cheerful, knowledgeable staff.”
– Betsey Foote, Member, Elders Council, Tule River


“Loved all the interaction and activities.”
– LaRae Foreman, HR Analyst, Housing Authority Cherokee Nation


“Really enjoyed the forum. Seen a lot of things in a different perspective.”
– Desiree Franco, RSBCIHI/TM


“The event was very informational. I enjoyed it!”
– Claudia Gonzales, Chairwoman, Picayune


“First time attending, I would recommend.”
– Rawlin Jacob, Assistant GM, A6M FWC/NEC


“Well done.”
– Alfred Jonathan, Council Member


“Very interesting, very different perspective.”
– Jane Johnson, Tribal Enrollment Director, Gila River Community


“Very good training.”
– Dora Jones, Tribal Council, Picayune Rancheria


“Forum was very informative. Depending on what type of involvement you have within the organization would be helpful.”
– Audrey Martinez, Board of Directors, Riverside San Bernardino Indian Health Services


“I learned a great deal from this forum. It taught a lot about putting things into perspective and the importance of self-care.”
– Sabrina Nakhjuvanpeur, Board of Directors, San Bernardino Indian Health Services


“It was a good leadership training conference. I would attend another.”
– Sherri Salgado, Board of Directors, Cahuilla (RSBCIHI)


“Good. Different.”
– Linda Santos, Member of Elder Council, Tule River Indian Tribe


“Training is great with a lot of techniques and strategies to use at work.”
– Ray Ann Terry, Board Secretary, Sage Memorial Hospital


“Better view on leading, good exercises to get better view on our issues.”
– Richard Thomas, Council Member, Tanacross Village Council

Things To Do

Things to do:

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Las Vegas, NV

December 3rd to 12th, 2015


Registration is now closed.