Heads Up & Hands-Free: Creating High-Performing Properties with Voice- Controlled IoT Technology

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Can You Keep Up with the Pace of Evolving Guest Expectations?

Guest expectations are changing rapidly, and casino operators are looking for new technologies designed to meet the needs of evolving guest demands. According to Metova’s fall 2020 hospitality survey, 78% of respondents have avoided staying in a hotel, casino, or resort specifically due to COVID-19.1 According to the report, “90% say it is very or extremely important that the facility they stay at enforces COVID-19 safety policies.”

The impact of the pandemic has further amplified the challenge and the urgency for casinos to connect their team to collaborate on the guest experience or face being left behind. There is indication that changes are here to stay amongst guests—82% of casino guests feel that COVID-19 will bring about changes to the onsite lodging experience that will last well into the future.1

Several areas of improvement are especially critical in these times as consumers want experiences that include speedy service, knowledgeable team members, and standardized policies. Leading casino operators aren’t just taking steps to ensure that guests receive exceptional service from on-property team members, they are also implementing digital transformation strategies that will bring long-term results that include enhancing efficiencies, lowering costs, and improving profit margins.

1 Survey examines new hotel guest expectations.https://www.hotelmanagement.net/operate/survey-examines new-hotel-guest-expectations


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Theatro unlocks casino’s greatest asset—the on-property team member—enabling them to provide fast and knowledgeable service on demand. Up to 91% of team members agree that Theatro helps them serve guests better.8 With Theatro, every on-property team member gains access to other team members, experts, and managers, making essential knowledge to doing their job accessible even on their first day.

Team members get the answers they need to help guests, while expertise across the property grows with knowledge sharing. Productivity improves through immediate connection to expertise across the property and guests get a better experience.

8 Retail & Hospitality Leaders Empower Their Hourly Team members: Which Tool Is More Empowering for your Team members. https://www.theatro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/competitor-checklist.pdf


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