How to Save Money While Making Your Guest Happy

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IN-ROOM COFFEE – It is expected by your guests and the coffee that you provide can make or break an experience for your guests.  Did you know that over 90% of Americans start their day with some form of hot beverage.  This means that 9/10 guests could judge their visit with you on what was offered for coffee in the room.


Not only will your guests get their first morning’s impression by the in-room coffee you offer but a great tasting coffee will also have them coming back for more during the day.  More coffee consumed means more energy for your guests and more energy = more time on the casino floor!!


A hotel owner has the choice of K-Cup® or pouch baggie as their single serve offering. From the highest quality offering to the lowest you are only just a few pennies difference, but the difference will be your guests expressing their gratitude that they got hooked up with the good stuff by staying with you again and again. One thing to consider is that just over 30% of households have a K-Cup® style brewer in their homes, which might assist in familiarity and comfort in a room for that guest.


Factors to Consider:

  1. Quality – If your hotel was judged on nothing but the quality of your in room coffee, how would yours be judged?
  2. Cost – with analysis of over 30,000 rooms of above 80% occupancy on average over course of a year, the average cups of coffee consumed per room per day is less than 1 (.70 daily usage in K-Cup®)
  3. Ease of Clean – Choose a brewer and method that will not slow down your maid staff in daily cleaning.
  4. Ease of Use – Choose a brewer system that is easy to use for the guest, nothing worse than multiple calls per day to the front desk on how to use brewer or broke down machines from operator error.
  5. Sustainability – Choose a brewing system that does not waste copious amounts of plastic, look for pods or pouches that use recyclable plastics and are aware of the environmental impact of their products. A great way to share your stance on sustainability.
  6. Versatility – Look for a vendor with multiple options from coffee, tea, and seasonal blends. A great way to always keep your rooms in season and up to date with the freshest products.
  7. Reliable Vendor – Look for a provider with fast delivery and customer service. Make sure provider offers brewers with a warranty and communicates all aspects to the program you sign up for.

Intelligent Blends will provide you with all of the above and more.  We offer Great Tasting Top Quality coffee that will have your guests looking forward to the next cup!


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