Oak Tree Health

Oak Tree Health is dedicated being more than just your diabetes manufacturer. We are here to provide you with the best, and the most universal care for all of your companies needs. Our special programs in Competitive Bidding, Co-Branding, Tele-Health and other specific platforms will help your company reach its full potential.

With offices in both Asia and the U.S., we are dedicated to handling any and all global needs you may have in world class cycle time. Our business model is unique and supported by many major medical customers in our segments of individual patient use, Long Term Care and Managed Care. We have factories and US offices in strategic locations to help bridge the communication and technical requirements supported by our US and Asia customer service call center. Customer and consumer care is our primary focus.

Oak Tree Health is entering a new era of service and product innovation. We provide world class advancements and differentiation in our specialized market segments with our competitive business model. Our mission is to provide the best service and products to our customers, with each strip and meter treated as if it were a patient of our own.

Sponsored Events

Seventh Annual Native American Healthcare Conference

November 14 – 15, 2016

Alpine, CA

Native Nation Events presents the Seventh Annual Native American Healthcare Conference. Through a series of panels and round table discussions, healthcare directors and Tribal Leaders will hear from the industry’s top experts on mental health, preventative disease and wellness, among other topics. Tribal Healthcare Clinicians, IHS Representatives and healthcare professionals can look forward to hearing the latest in Healthcare, such as the newest treatments, equipment and opportunities, as well as discuss the current state of the industry and trends for the future. This year’s conference will take place November 14-15, 2016 at Viejas Hotel and Casino in Alpine, California.