BARInet provides Bundled Bariatric Surgery Solutions for self-funded health plans looking to address obesity in the workplace. BARInet consists of an exclusive network of bariatric surgeons and healthcare facilities that is clinically integrated to provide local bariatric care at the highest level. BARInet is the only bariatric surgery network in America able to include risk assurance through readmission warranties and value added pricing that incorporates a truly bundled price.

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10th Annual Native American Healthcare Conference

June 10-11, 2019

Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, CA

Pechanga Casino & Resort - Healthcare Conference

Through a series of panels, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities, healthcare directors and Tribal Leaders will hear from the industry’s top experts on preventative disease, wellness and other health-related topics facing Indian Country. Tribal Healthcare Clinicians, IHS Representatives and healthcare professionals can look forward to hearing cutting edge Healthcare updates, such as the newest treatments, equipment and opportunities, as well as discuss the current state of the industry and trends for the future.