Canalyte Laboratories

Canalyte Laboratories is a full-service third-party testing laboratory in the City of Riverside, California. We offer excellent and cost-effective solutions for all cannabis, hemp and CBD products testing needs using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. With over 25 years of combined scientific experience, Canalyte provides a full suite of testing services using validated scientific methods for hemp, CBD and cannabis products. Our commitment is not only to help effectively increase your margin, but to efficiently increase your savings by identifying plant pathogens before they destroy crops or by early gender ID testing before spending on non-value-added resources.


At Canalyte, not only do we stay grounded in the principles of excellent turn-around time and long-term partnership with our industry partners, we are committed to deliver high quality and accurate results, one test at a time.

Sponsored Events

6th Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference

June 14-15, 2021

Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Valley Center, CA

Prominent experts in the industry will come together to discuss the most recent legal, economic, social, and policy changes that are allowing Native America to enter into the cannabis market. This is a must-attend event if your tribe is considering other means to drive revenue and create jobs, or if you are a professional with products or expertise looking to partner with a tribe to take advantage of the many benefits offered when entering into a business relationship on reserve land.