National Native American Cannabis Association

The National Native American Cannabis Association (NNACA) is an organization made up of tribal and non-tribal business coming together to create standards and services for the Native American Cannabis Industry. Each tribal jurisdiction has the authority to set their own standards; however, many don’t have or use state standards as a starting point in developing their regulations. NNACA has established the base standards for Hemp & Cannabis with experts around the world. We are the experts in the Native American Cannabis industry.

Sponsored Events

Fourth Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference

October 15-16, 2018

Viejas Casino & Resort, Alpine, CA

The Fourth Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference is taking place on October 15th & 16th at Viejas Casino & Resort in Alpine, CA.

Prominent experts in the industry will come together to discuss the most recent legal, economic, social, and policy changes that are allowing Native America to enter into the cannabis market. Every day there is change, and we intend to sum it all up for you! This is a must-attend event if your tribe is considering other means to drive revenue and create jobs, or if you are a professional with products or expertise looking to partner with a tribe to take advantage of the many benefits offered when entering into a business relationship on reserve land.