Overture Health Care

Overture Health Care is a national health improvement company headquartered near Princeton, NJ with employees located across the United States. As a trusted partner for employers, Native American Tribes and consultants across the country, we are dedicated to changing the way health care for chronic disease is delivered and managed in the United States.

Using trained care managers (or your own) together with a state of the art smart-phone app and desktop technology, Overture Health Care’s Population Health Management program empowers health plan members with important information about their health.

  • Membership is engaged in an unprecedented way through use of desktop and mobile technology.
  • With a simple to use member portal and smart phone app, members have access to key personal health information and direct chat access to a care manager.
  • Care managers can exchange real-time chat and email messaging to one, some or all members privately.
  • Members receive automated tasks directly on their smart phone when gaps in care are identified and task achievement is tracked.
  • Members can schedule care management appointments directly from the mobile app with automated reminder messaging that maximizes engagement.
  • Instant messaging to the mobile app can be used for member recruitment or to message existing enrolled members.
  • Enrollment/engegment rates vary based upon client program design and will range between 65% and 85% of those identified with a diagnosis with other “mandatory” programs achieving much higher rates. Once enrolled, retention approximate 98%.

Our Mozart care management platform streamlines the care management, documentation, scheduling and administration challenges associated with operating a chronic disease management program. Using medical, Rx, labs, vitals and assessment information, It also makes valuable and necessary information required by the care manager available at their finger tips.

Our offering helps Native American Tribes control and reduce their health care costs in a significant way by improving the health of tribal members. Through our care management solution, high cost claims such as ER visits and hospitalizations are significantly reduced and patients chronic conditions are stabalized.

Overture Health Care offers a complete turnkey solution with flexible options to suit most payers. Overture Health Care’s programs can be used in tandem with other programs. Use of client resources are minimized with Overture Health Care doing all the heavy lifting, including:  data exchange (with the payers’ TPA, PBM, EHR, provider practice systems); complete program implementation; care management resources and training; program administration; member communications; member support; client support; clinical support; reporting and data analytics. Clients can choose to use Overture Health Care’s care managers or their own.  For more information contact:





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10th Annual Native American Human Resources Conference

January 20-21, 2020

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV

There is no better Tribal HR professional development and networking opportunity than the 10th Annual Native American Human Resources Conference. By attending, you’ll be able to gain new skills and connect with necessary resources that will help you achieve your goals and help solve your challenges. We ensure our attendees get to know their peers and interact with one another throughout the event by providing a variety of engaging sessions, numerous networking opportunities, and impressive business solutions.