Santa Ysabel Botanical Facility

The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel closed its casino in 2014 and transformed the property into a high tech Cannabis operation. They are currently leasing part of the property to various tenants manufacturing tinctures, concentrates and cannabis cultivators.

The tribe is the first in San Diego County to embrace the Cannabis industry in the wake of a December 2014 memo by the U.S. Justice Department declaring sovereign nations would not be prosecuted for growing marijuana on tribal land in states that had already legalized the drug. Currently, the Iipay Nation operates the Mountain Source Dispensary and offers Tribal consulting and Tribal distribution.

Sponsored Events

6th Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference

June 14-15, 2021

Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Valley Center, CA

Prominent experts in the industry will come together to discuss the most recent legal, economic, social, and policy changes that are allowing Native America to enter into the cannabis market. This is a must-attend event if your tribe is considering other means to drive revenue and create jobs, or if you are a professional with products or expertise looking to partner with a tribe to take advantage of the many benefits offered when entering into a business relationship on reserve land.