SOJE Hemp Cigarettes bio:

From the rolling hills and river bluffs of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska comes SOJE hemp cigarettes, a distinctively different smoking experience. Soje, the Ioway name for smoke, is the only Native American hemp cigarette which utilizes our regeneratively grown hemp and traditional native smoking herbs. Coming in three blends: Original, Mint, and Floral, our products honor the millennia-old practice of the burning and smoking of medicinal plants for the benefit of mind, body, and spirit in a modern package. Distributors and retailers are our gateway to the market and as such are an integral part of our day-to-day operations. Our relationship with our partners is centered around crafting custom competitive sales structure to support their ever-changing needs. Discover more at


Ioway Bee Farm:

Founded in 2017, Ioway Bee Farm, owned and operated by the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, offers a wide variety of products including raw honey, creamed honey, lotion bars, lip balms, candles, and Grasslands CBD Honey and Tinctures. Our locally sourced and harvested honey comes from bees that have access to a rich diversity of plant life giving our honey a unique sweet flavor. Each of our customers have a unique market with various needs and we pride ourselves on being able to offer tailored solutions for each of them. Learn more at

Sponsored Events

6th Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference

June 14-15, 2021

Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Valley Center, CA

Prominent experts in the industry will come together to discuss the most recent legal, economic, social, and policy changes that are allowing Native America to enter into the cannabis market. This is a must-attend event if your tribe is considering other means to drive revenue and create jobs, or if you are a professional with products or expertise looking to partner with a tribe to take advantage of the many benefits offered when entering into a business relationship on reserve land.