The Buffalo Grass Company

The Buffalo Grass Company is deeply rooted in a philosophy of sustainable use of our natural
resources. By employing innovation, feasible planning, and focusing on viable results, TBGC
establishes itself as a professional and trustworthy entity capable of navigating the complexities of
the hemp and cannabis industries.

TBGC is Integrating technical education, sound land management practices, and unique strategies to
elevate industry standards from the grass roots up. We bring well-rounded education and solutions
to your tribe in our scope of services and are committed to viable, legal projects for Indian country.

Hemp and medical cannabis are considered the fastest-growing industries in the United States. The
potential goes far beyond cultivation alone and a wide variety of opportunities such as ancillary
businesses surrounding the growing, manufacturing and distribution are enormous and being
expanded by legitimate research, new regulations and medical breakthroughs.

We maintain that Indian country needs tribal members who are fully engaged in both industries and
the Native community to foster these propositions.

Sponsored Events

Third Native American Cannabis Conference

December 5 – 6, 2016

Viejas Casino & Resort, Alpine, CA

We are happy to announce Third Native American Cannabis Conference taking place on December 5th & 6th at Viejas Casino & Resort in Alpine, CA.
Prominent experts in the industry will come together to discuss the most recent legal, economic, social, and policy changes that are allowing Native America to enter into the cannabis market. Every day there is change, and we intend to sum it all up for you! This is a must-attend event if your tribe is considering other means to drive revenue and create jobs, or if you are a professional with products or expertise looking to partner with a tribe to take advantage of the many benefits offered when entering into a business relationship on reserve land.