Tshimakain Creek Research & Diagnostics Laboratory (TC R&D)

TC R&D Laboratory is owned and operated by the Spokane Tribe of Indians located in Spokane, WA.  Tshimakain Creek Lab was established in 1999 offering water analyses and drug testing services. We have now expanded to Tshimakain Creek Research & Diagnostics to offer more services by teaming up with Global Discovery Biosciences (GDB) Laboratory located in Irvine, CA. One of the new and advanced services is the Protein Unstable Lesion Signature Cardiac Test (PULS).

The PULS Cardiac Test is a new innovative blood test that gives you a cardiac profile which indicates level of arterial injury or inflammation, the likelihood a cardiac event could occur within the next 5 years and reveals your “true” heart age. We are very excited to add this to our menu.

The PULS Cardiac Test is the only test that is powerful enough to detect arterial injury/inflammation that leads to the formation of cardiac lesions. This is important because the most common cause of heart attack is not narrowing of the artery, but the RUPTURE of unstable lesions. Seventy-five per cent of heart attacks are caused by unstable cardiac lesion RUPTURE, and they may not have any other signs or symptoms.

The PULS Cardiac test is the perfect tool to motivate individuals to want to make lifestyle changes. The 4- page result report is evidence that your “Check Injun” light is on, and depending on your score, helps define your path to wellness. It is a fact that Doctors have changed patient’s treatment protocol after reviewing their PULS Cardiac Test results.

TC R&D’s objective is to go beyond the diagnosis and help create sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to long and healthy lives for our families.

TC R&D philosophy is prevention is the best medicine. Our lab is a small disadvantaged Native business that wants to grow and make a difference in Indian Country, by keeping the heart’s pumping and the drums beating.

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10th Annual Native American Healthcare Conference

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Eighth Annual Native American Healthcare Conference

November 5 – 7, 2017

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