Workplace Guardians

Workplace Guardians, Inc. (WGI) offers consulting and training services that improve workplace violence prevention efforts, personal security and safety, and leadership practices in today’s workplaces. Our team has decades of collective experience in violence prevention and skill development training, threat assessment and management, creating positive cultures and consulting across a wide range of industries and government agencies.

Our professionals have more than just theoretical knowledge in these areas. Members of our team developed some of the first protocols and training programs in the workplace violence prevention field. We have years of proven, successful partnering with our clients to help prevent violence and to create safe, effective and productive organizations.

WGI’s consultants have backgrounds in law enforcement, organizational development, mental health and human resources with strong capabilities and proven experience in risk assessment and intervention. Each member of our team also has a background in business. From this perspective, we understand the need for our clients to maintain normal operations and profitability as we work to help them prevent and deal with potential workplace violence issues.

WGI team members have helped hundreds of private and public corporations and government entities over the past nineteen years. We are proud to have served them both professionally and discreetly.

We believe that:

  • An organization’s most important asset is its people
  • Preventing workplace violence and promoting personal safety is everyone’s responsibility, but begins with leadership action
  • Threat assessment and management should focus on overall safety, business impact and the well-being of individual employees
  • Workplace violence prevention is not just a compliance issue –It’s also a quality of life issue
  • The most effective approach to workplace violence prevention is a balance of policy and procedures, security and safety measures, training, compliance with legal requirements, good human resource practices, a positive culture with proactive leadership

Sponsored Events

11th Annual Native American Human Resources Conference

June 14-15, 2021

Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Valley Center, CA

There is no better Tribal HR professional development and networking opportunity than the 11th Annual Native American Human Resources Conference. Whether you’re new to the HR field or a seasoned professional, you’ll have the unique opportunity to gain new skills and connect with necessary resources that will help you achieve your goals and solve your challenges. Industry professionals will offer information, solutions and inspiring stories that will shift your perspective and help you handle the unique employment and workplace challenges in Indian Country.

Second Annual Tribal Security Symposium

October 28-29, 2019

Sycuan Casino Resort, El Cajon, CA

The world we live in will only grow in uncertainty. The use of terror tactics is on the rise. Yet most security experts are armed with only a handful of linear checklists and status-quo tactics aimed at yesterday’s threats. As leaders of enterprises in which hundreds of thousands of people walk through each year, concern for their well-being and safety as well as your employees, not to mention your brand, is imperative. Join us to ensure every measure imaginable has been taken to circumvent a catastrophic event from occurring.