The Fundamental Five Ways Tribes Can Reduce Cyber Risk by 70 Percent

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This article is from Eide Bailly, a Native Nation Events Sponsor.

There are some very important executive decisions that drive good Cybersecurity hygiene in well run, well protected tribes.

It is not to say that a well-run tribe or any tribal related entity does not get breached, but all indicators lead to the conclusion that if certain things are done from the top down, the effects and cost of defending your tribe against data breaches and recovering from a breach can be reduced substantially.

Survivability of the tribe or tribal entity is at stake. Could you survive having all operations shut down, fearful customers, unknowns that may never be known, and millions of dollars of profits spent on operating without incoming revenue? It is a reality and directly related to leadership, execution, and sustainability of key cybersecurity practices and controls. It is the executive function to ensure these practices are achieved sufficiently to ensure the survival and profitability of the company. This whitepaper co-authored by Eide Bailly and strategic partner, Secuvant, lays out the Fundamental Five ways council members and leadership can dispatch this duty and potentially reduce those risks by up to 70 percent.

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