The Top 12 Reasons to Bring Bowling to Your Casino

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As the gaming industry matures and becomes increasingly competitive, casinos are looking for expansion plans that complement existing programs and diversify offerings. It’s more important than ever for resorts to increase the length of stay, attract new demographics, and create revenue streams outside of gaming.


The latest news in the gaming industry is one of mankind’s oldest sports. All across the country, casino developers are discovering bowling as the ideal amenity for achieving a variety of goals.


What can bowling do for your property? Bowling:

  1. Attracts a broader demographic, including families (70 million people, of all ages, bowl each year!)
  2. Creates revenue streams outside of gaming
  3. Offers more year-round entertainment and recreational options to the local community
  4. Requires low overhead and operating costs(?)
  5. Differentiates your facility
  6. Generates exceptional cash flow
  7. Yields a better-than-average return on investment
  8. Increases length of stay and drive repeat visits
  9. Encourages guests to spend more on games, attractions, food and drink
  10. Creates employment opportunities for the local community
  11. Creates the ideal venue for charity fundraisers and community events
  12. Is an easy business to get into when you work with Brunswick Bowling


Casino resorts all across the country have discovered the power of partnering with Brunswick Bowling. The Brunswick Build-to-Bowl program is perfect for casino owners who don’t have experience with planning or constructing a bowling center. Brunswick Build-to-Bowl is a single-source solution, providing services to kick off the earliest planning stages right through project completion, from site selection and analysis to interior design, product installation, marketing, and operations.


Brunswick’s product line includes synthetic lanes, pinsetters, pins, masking units, furniture designed for every venue of your bowling facility, and Sync®, a fully integrated, cloud-based scoring and management, marketing, and POS system. Brunswick also carries a full line of bowling’s best balls, shoes, apparel and accessories.


Visit Brunswick Bowling today to learn more.

Brunswick Bowling is a proud gold sponsor of the 12th Annual Tribal Casino & Hotel Development Conference at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino in Maricopa, Arizona, April 29-30, 2019.

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