To Cast or Not to Cast, That is a Good Question!

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Stream It. Cast It. No downloading anything.  Easy, secure, and reliable.

Did you know that over 50 million USA consumers own a Google Chromecast© device, and that over 5,000 streaming mobile apps support Casting, including the mega-popular Netflix, YouTube/YouTube TV, Google Play, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon prime video, hulu, and Sling apps, as well as streaming music apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify?  In addition, Chomecast enables your guests to mirror their laptop to their in-room TV via their Chrome browser.  Put simply, Chromecast works with the apps that your guests love.

It is clear that the pandemic has created a “new normal” where your guests will likely spend more time in their room when they stay at your property.  As a result, guest expectations regarding in-room entertainment options are going through the roof.  The question is, how do you offer Casting in your guest rooms in an economical and reliable manner, all while making it ultra-easy for your guests to pair their devices to their TV in an easy and secure way?

The answer?  BBH Cast.

Stand-alone casting from BBH, with Google Chromecast streaming technology, gives you the power to deliver the “at-home entertainment” experience that your guests expect.  Easy to pair, BBH Cast ensures complete guest privacy, with dashboard monitoring and remote diagnostic support.  And the best news is this: BBH Cast is available at a price that’s easy to bear.

Aaron Bowles, BBH’s resident casting expert, says, “In launching BBH Cast, we worked very hard to select a popular technology platform that we could customize for hoteliers and that would enable us to deliver in-room casting at a very reasonable up-front and monthly cost for our hotel clients.”

How does BBH Cast work?  BBH installs a BBH Cast server and software on your hotel network, and a Google Chromecast with security tether is attached to each guest room TV.  When guests turn on their TV they see a welcome screen, branded for your hotel, that promotes the casting option and shows a unique QR code used to pair their device to their TV.  When paired, the TV is automatically changed to the correct input source.  The guest opens any Cast-enabled app and starts to stream content – it is that simple!  When the guest wants to watch regular TV channels they can exit casting or simply channel up or down…the BBH Cast software takes care of automatically returning the TV to the proper channel input source.  To watch a demonstration of BBH Cast at Treasure Island Las Vegas click here.

Easy pairing, with no software downloads and no entering of credentials or passwords on your TV system, is essential to the simplicity of the BBH Cast solution, as studies have shown that guests do not prefer to enter information on hotel TV systems.

BBH offers BBH Cast in two forms:  as a stand-alone system, and also as part of BBH’s multi-featured ITV solution.  BBH, through its partner Ascentium Capital, offers multiple leasing options on BBH Cast as it does with all of its other technology solutions for hotels and casinos.

Are you interested in learning more about BBH Cast?  If so, call BBH’s Aaron Bowles at 234-254-3702 or e-mail Aaron at

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