Top 3 Uses for Mass Notification in Healthcare

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The goal of any healthcare organization is to provide excellent patient care. One of the best ways to do this is by building strong communication so the right people get the right message at the right time. That’s why many hospitals and clinics are turning to mass notification to help broadcast critical messages throughout facilities and directly to people’s mobile devices. Mass notifications systems allow organizations to connect disparate devices to send text, audio, and visual messages throughout their facilities. Organizations can prebuild message templates for different scenarios, prepare for potential security threats and automate processes and procedures.

Here are the top three ways healthcare organizations can benefit from implementing a mass notification system.

Code Blue Events

In healthcare, one of the most critical communications is a Code Blue alert. Due to the seriousness of this type of event, it often requires an immediate response from doctors and nurses who can provide proper patient care. Mass notification systems can help deliver those messages to the right audience and give people the opportunity to respond so the sender knows the situation is being handled. Alerts can be triggered from a phone in a patient’s room, via a physical button, or using a mobile app. The message can then be broadcast throughout a facility using text and audio, or to a select group of predetermined targets who can provide the most effective assistance. Those who receive the message can input a response to say they will be going to help the patient. This helps get assistance to a patient as quickly as possible while minimizing confusion and redundancies, leading to better outcomes.

Protecting Staff, Patients and Visitors

Hospital violence continues to be a pressing concern, so being able to request assistance to help with unruly patients or visitors is of paramount importance. Mass notification systems can be configured to connect with phones and panic buttons to offer a discrete and easy to activate method for requesting for assistance. When a button is pushed, pre-built messages can be sent to security team members who will receive text and audio detailing that someone is asking for help with a potentially violent situation along with the location of the device that was activated. Additional buttons can be configured to address other safety situations and initiate procedures like lockdowns. Having a one-push method for triggering alerts means better are aware of situations faster and help can arrive sooner.

Automating Messages

Even simple tasks can take time that is better spent with patients, which is why automating messages with a mass notification system can healthcare organizations save precious time. Simple announcements like when visitor hours are ending can help prevent taking critical staff away from other tasks. Messages can even be automated to trigger when patients wander from designated areas. Connecting to RFID tags can automate prerecorded messages that play on overhead speakers encouraging patients to go back to their rooms.

These are just some of the ways healthcare organizations are benefiting from mass notification systems. Severe weather alerts, covering shifts, and active incident management are just a few of the other ways mass notification systems are being deployed in healthcare. The main goal is to create a system that can maximize the speed and reach of an organization’s most critical messages. This is done by leveraging every communication channel available, including desk phones, speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, and mobile devices. The more channels used and being sure to use both text and audio to communicate messages, makes it much more likely that the right people see messages quickly, so they take appropriate actions.

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