Why Should You Consider A New Approach to Your Company’s Lost and Found?

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When considering all potential liabilities, the first priority of a company is not usually the liquidation of lost and found items. This might be an indication as to why there are countless horror stories regarding the files of clients’ belongings left behind at various businesses being exploited by a less than reputable third party. Because of advancements in technology, the electronics that a customer loses could contain all manner of critical or even scandalous information. Though encryption capabilities continue to progress, those who are interested in accessing data on personal devices are just as innovative. Even nonprofits, which often receive such items as donations, may have positive intentions but ultimately are not equipped to handle the careful management of what these items demand.

When a phone, laptop or camera gets left behind, it represents a treasure trove of vulnerability which the company now becomes responsible for. The question is: “How discretely and professionally will this unavoidable obligation be handled? And how much will it cost?”

Green Flag Recycling offers an innovative alternative to traditional ways of disposing of these items, which not only ensures the elimination of any risk regarding personal information stored on people’s left behind electronics, but can offer reimbursement. Green Flag’s process is entirely transparent, so that our clients can rest assured that every item liquidated is being treated with security in mind. When a business is prepared to liquidate unclaimed items, we provide prepaid shipping labels with the carrier of its choice. At our processing center, items are sorted, tested and memory flashed, any SIM cards are destroyed, then transferred to our vendors. Along with the buy-back check which appropriately compensates the business for its lost and found items within four weeks, Green Flag also provides a paper trail to satisfy any chain of custody requirements.

All of its employees have successfully completed federal background checks and Green Flag maintains a current Federal Firearm License. It can also boast such satisfied clients as Aria Resort and Casino, Bellagio Resort and Casino, several Six Flags locations and the Great Wolf Lodge indoor parks.

In addition to phones, tablets and laptops, working with a select group of vendors and an experienced appraiser allows Green Flag to pay organizations the best price possible for fine jewelry, headphones, designer sunglasses, E-Readers and more. Plus businesses interested in supporting good causes don’t have to relinquish the opportunity to give philanthropically- Green Flag offers the chance to donate funds exchanged for lost goods to a preferred foundation or charity.

Services provided are as seamless as possible, with no cost to participate or contract required. In all the thirteen years of operation, Green Flag has never had a breach of security. Tens of thousands of laptops, cameras and phones alone have been recycled meticulously and safely, and $_____ has been returned to partner properties in exchange for these valuables.

When other options fail to guarantee the peace of mind, as well as attentive documentation, that Green Flag’s services offer to clients concerned with the most efficient liquidation possible, it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t be the most obvious choice in lost and found partnerships. Our small business approach also allows for open discussions regarding all aspects of our process. Whether it is a question of adding an item to our buy-back list or simply inquiries into how any aspect of our process works, our personable staff is always ready and available to chat. Any company interested in protecting their customers and simultaneously earning top dollar prices in return are encouraged to contact Joann Winner at jwinner@greenflagrecycling.com to learn more.


Hear more from Green Flag Recycling, an Exhibitor at our Third Annual Tribal Security Symposium.

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